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DURATION: 2Weeks Each stage (15hours)
N40K (STAGE 2)
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With the new trend of 21st century business, almost all businesses need websites or would need one in the very near future else they would simply not be able to compete.

As an engineering student web design could be a very good source of additional income for you because with the ever growing demand, there is always a market and you'll never get enough web desginers to meet the market.

So if you are creative and logical, the sky is simply the limit. Besides doing it professionally , you could design and maintain websites for your own business or increase your employment oprtunity by designing and maintaining the wesite for the company you work for.
  • Understand basic concepts of internet & websites.
  • Design of basic webpage using HTML & CSS
  • Undestand how to use web programs like dreamweaver and microsoft frontpage
  • Web programming, java script & PHP
  • Using templates
  • MySQL basics
  • E-commerce websites


  1. HTML BASICS: Basic web design tools & software, web page anatomy, formatting text, creating links, inserting graphics, making tables , linking multiple pages, change colours and other HTML applications.

  2. CSS: Layout pages in CSS, Create navigation bars, Uploading to web- server.

  3. FORMS: Form fields ( text-boxes, text-area, password boxes , word wrapping , radio buttons , check boxes , select boxes , reset and submit buttons )

  4. WEB DESIGN PROJECT: simple HTML/CSS website design.


  1. JAVA SCRIPT: Introduction to java script, Form validation , form processing using CGI (common gateway interface), events and functions , alert boxes & and pop-up windows , using parameters , confirm boxes , assigning and using variables , if/else statements & conditions , image roll over...

  2. PHP: Creating and uploading scripts , working with variables , performing calculations , functions, logic and loops , working with files.

  3. MySQL: Start MySQL, setting up and administring MySQL database , updating and deleting records, queries , adding remote users , security.

  4. WEB SERVERS: Hosting your website , domain names, reseler plans, working with windows and linux servers.

  5. WEB DESIGN PROJECT: Building an e-Commerce website.

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