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Q. What is the duration of your CCTV Training?

Ans. The duration of our training (per stage) is 15-hours spread throught a period of 1 week. This implies 3-hours in 5 days or 5-hours in 3 days, but the 15hours must be completed within a week or within 4-Saturdays (in the case of weekend training).

Q. How about the duration for the Matlab and other courses?

Ans. Our training durations are usually between 15 & 20hours per stage. Courses that have two stages, would imply the duration time is doubled (i.e 30 or 40hrs). Each 15hour session must be completed within a week. You can see a particular course duration on the the top of the selected course page on the website. To see our training courses click here.

Q. What would I learn when I do your CCTV training?

Ans. If you do any of our courses, you are guaranteed practical proficiency in the respective course. Learning outcomes are stated in respective pages of all our courses. Click Here to see courses and their learning outcomes.


Ans. YES! The CCTV training covers full network IP configuration and remote view. You'll be able to route CCTV videos and watch remotely on any internet enabled devices.

Q. Wouldn't it be difficult to assimilate all the materials within 1- week?

Ans. NO, not at all! You are given comprehensive course notes and the hands-on technical training is done in class! Furthermore, additional hands-on training time is provided where necessary, to ensure student has been properly trained and learning outcomes have been achieved.

Q. Where is this training held?

Ans. The training holds at our training facility in Lagos & Abuja. Click Here to see short training video, where you can catch a glimps of some of our facilities.

Q. Where is your office location in Lagos and Abuja?
Ans. You can find address of our offices in the contact page of this website.

Q. How do I register and make payment for your courses?

Ans. You can register at the front desk and make payment at the front desk , or you can register online, print out the invoice and make payment to the account details on the invoice.

Click Here To register online for our training courses.

Q. Can I pay in Installmentally?

Ans. Installmental payments is only allowed if the total amount of the course you are paying for is more that N35K. If you are paying an amount less than N35K, or you are doing a corporate training, full payment is required before commencement of training. In the case of installmental payment, 70% down payment is required, and balance 30% as agreed with our sales team.

Q. What Happens when I have registered and made payment?

Ans. If you made your payment at the front desk, you get a print out of your schedule and time-table and your training commences ( according to your schedule). If you have paid to the bank , your payment is confirmed and your schedule/time table is emailed to you. Please note that, except you are doing co-rporate training, you can only commence on the dates we have on our training calender.

Q. Can I pay with cheque in your office ?

ANS. Yes you can, but all cheques must clear before training commencement date



Ans. The training is run by a team of 4 in-house engineers. All team members are University degree holders in Engineering. The facilitator who happnes to be the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), has a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Engineering from the University of London.

Q. Am I going to be awarded a certificate at the end of the training and what certificate would be given?

Ans. You would be given a certificate of Proficiency if you have been able to complete the project, otherwise you'll get a certificate of attendance. The certificate is awarded the last day of the training.

Q. How recognized is this certificate?

ANS: Our certificate is well recosgnised as we are one of the leading technical trainers in Nigeria (backed up with our UK partners), however, we would like to reiterate that we have a strong focus on hands-on Skills and technology transfer. There is no point having the most recognised certificate when you do not have the skills to back it up!

Q. Do you provide Accomodation for those who do not live in Lagos or Abuja?

Ans. We do not provide accomodation for trainees. However, we can recommend hotels close to our training venues and if need be, we can assist in making reservations.

Q. What training materials are we going to be given?

Ans. You would be given course hand-outs with comprehensive theoretical and practical information on the training, softare (where applicable) would be installed in your system (e.g if you are doing Matlab or AutoCAD), and training equipment and components (as applies), would be provided.


Q. I am interested in doing the training but your training calender does not match with my schedule. Also, can I have a private solo class?

ANS: If you want private training at your own scheduled time, you would need to register for corporate training. You'll be get a price quote based on the circumstances.


Q. What is the difference between your FULL-TIME and PART-TIME Training.

Ans. Our PART-TIME course is run only on saturdays in LAGOS, for working class people or people who prefer to do the training on saturdays. The PART-TIME course runs for 4 saturdays per stage. Please note that at the moment we are not doing PART-TIME in Abuja.

The FULL-TIME course runs during the duration specified on the training calender. There are evening classes during the training (full-time) period, from 5pm - 8pm daily ( in Lagos only). This would enable those who may not have time during the day to still do the trainiing.


Q. How does your evening classes work?

Ans. The evening class runs only during the specified training period on the calender in Lagos only (for now). You have to specifiy evening session when registering for the course.





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