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  CCTV Installation & Maintenance

DURATION: 5days or 4 Saturdays( Part-Time)


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Learning Outcomes

This course is a hands-on practical course that teaches you all you need to know about CCTV technology. You do not necessarily need to have previous technical knowledge or background as you would be taught from the very basics.
At the end of this course participants would be able to do the following;

  • Identify CCTV components (cameras, dvrs & NVRs, Cables & Accessories e.t.c) and understand their specifications.
  • Set-up & Configure CCTV System.

  • Set-up, Configure, and Install IP Camaras.

  • Troubleshoot , Repair & Maintain CCTV installation.

  • Upgrade existing CCTV installation.

  • Set-up & Network CCTV for remote view.

  • Install and comission a CCTV system.

Course Contents & Schedule

  • Accreditation of participants
  • Complete overview of CCTV: Scope of training, Ehical & Legal issues.
  • Introduction to CCTV: Generalized introduction to basic CCTV concepts and applications.
  • CCTV Components : Physical identification practical investgation of specifications for Cameras, DVRs,NVRs, Cables & Accessories (Co-axial cables, Twisted Pair cables (BNC Connectors, Baluns...) Power suppliers, Routers, Modems, Switches, Display units and Monitors.
  • Digital Video Recorders :Video Signals, types of DVRs( DVRs, NVRs, Hybrids), practical investigation of features and parts of a DVR.
  • Practical Exercise1: Making video cables using Co-axial & twisted pair cables. Using crimping tools to make you network cables, install the HDD to DVR and connect cameras & confirm if the HDD is recording.
  • Cameras & Lens Theory. Camera Specifications, Camera types, concept & theory of CCTV Lenses, Fixed Lens Cameras, Verifocal Lens Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Box cameras, estimating lens size required for a particular distance.
  • Power Supplies.Power supply requirements for cameras. Estimations and calculations of power supplies for cameras.
  • Software: Configuration of software and features for DVR operation (scheduling recording,creating user accounts, playback, network settings, using multiple screens, setting date and time, security settings etc..
  • Back-up(Video/Power): Backing-up the HDD for video, power back-up requirements, installing back-up, inverters, batteries.
  • Practical Exercise2: Configure the software for the arrangement you made in Exercise1. Create Accounts (with user name & Passwords) for four users and configure security settings as specified in you exercise sheets.
  • Remote View Set-up : Network requirements and basic network concepts., Network set-up topology (connecting the Router, Dvr & Modem). Router configuration, assigning IP Addresses to DVR and other network components, IP Port forwarding, setting-up Dyn-Dns, PPPoE, remote viewing.
  • Practical Exercise3: Connect hardware for CCTV installation and configure the router for remote view.
  • Installation of CCTV & Project: Site Evaluation and Estimating the number of cameras and camera specifications. Drilling, Mounting and positioning of cameras on site. Running your cables and cable trunking.
  • Practical Exercise4: You'll be required to install CCTV using all the skills you have learnt. Your instructor would provide you with materials and all the requirements. This exercise would require you drilling to position the cameras and running the cables through trunking you have mounted.
  • Entreprenureship & Business Business opprtunities with CCTV. Writing CCTV proposals, making presentations to clients.
  • Presentation of certificates.
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