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  AUTOCAD Mechanical Design & Mechatronics


5days (15 hours) Stage1 or 4 Saturdays (Part Time).

10days(30hours) Stage2 ( 8 saturdays Part-Time) .

TUITION: N25K Stage 1
N50K Stage 2

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Learning Outcomes

This is a "hands-on" Mechanical Engineering course. You have to complete STAGE1 of this course, before doing STAGE2. This course combines the full AutoCAD package with mechanical Engineering design and Mechatronics. The problem with learning autoCAD in a computer school is that you only learn how to use the autoCAD software package as a drafting tool, without learning the engineering standards that your drawings have to meet. There is far more to autoCAD than that. AutoCAD is not just a drafting software, it is a standard engineering design, production, modelling, programmable and manufacturing (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Software.
This course is aimed to develop students ability to apply autoCAD to mechanical designs and production engineering, rather than just see autoCAD as a drafting tool. We are an engineering design company and we use autoCAD extensively for most of our applications. Also, besides the fact that we teach autoCAD tailored for Engineering students , we have first hand experience on its applications and usage. We have also added aspects of mechatronics to cover areas of electrical knowledge you need for mechanical projects.

At the end of this course , you'll be able to

  • Start and set-up basic and simple drawings.
  • Draw in 2D & 3D
  • Do standard Mechanical engineering drawings.
  • Do standard Assembly drawings.
  • Understand CAD & CAM manufacturing
  • Do basics of Mechatronics
  • Communicate and Interpret Engineering Drawings
  • Produce drawings to a recognised Engineering standards (BS8888).
  • Do standard electromechanical designs.
  • Handle mechanical various projects .
  • Understand how to use Mechanical Engineering Software

Course Contents & Schedule

STAGE1 (AUTOCAD 2D & Mechatronics)

  • Accreditation of Participants: Accreditation of Participants & Installation of AutoCAD software.
  • Introduction: Why AutoCAD?, the Drawing Interface/Workspaces, Setting up and saving your drawings in 2D. File formats (dwt & dwg files).
  • AutoCAD Basics: Starting to draw, opening a drawing, using commands, specifying co-ordinates, using drawing aids from the status bar.
  • Drawing in two dimensions: Drawing basic 2D objects using drawing tools, editing your drawings using the modify tools, Layers, Colors, Linetypes, Lineweights, creating text, dimensioning, creating dimension styles, drawing complex objects.

  • Introduction to MECHATRONICS: Basic components, Implementing electronic circuits for mechanical control, DC motor control applications, stepper motors, electrical control of valves and pumps, solar panels.


  • Isometric Drawings, Inquiry Commands & Scalling: Drawing in Isoplanes, using Inquiry commands to get technical details and information of drawings, drawing to scale.
  • Border Line, Title block & Plotting: Drawing border lines and Title blocks, Scaling and Plotting (printing)your drawings on paper.
  • Drawing Exercises: Mechanical engineering drawing exercises. Drawing Standards (BS8888).

STAGE 2 (3D Modelling & Mechatronics)

  • Introduction to AutoCAD 3D: Working in 3D environment, using 3D Co-ordinates, 3D polylines, Using Elevation and Thickness, working with the User Co-ordinate system.
  • Viewing 3D Drawings: Working with standard Viewpoints, Using DDVPOINT, displayingg parallel and perspective projections, using 3D orbit, using DVIEW, Laying out 3D drawings.
  • CREATING 3D SURFACES : Converting objects to surfaces , Drawing with 3DFACE, Drawing standard 3D shapes , Drawing resolved surfaces , Drawing extruded surfaces , Drawing surfaces between 2D Objects , Drawing Edge Surfaces , working with multi-type of 3D Objects.
  • CREATING SOLIDS & EDITING IN 3D: Drawing basic shapes , creating extruded solids, Using the EXTRUDE command , sectioning and slicing solids , using editing commands in 3D , trimming , filleting , chemfering, exploding, using the SOLIDEDIT command.
  • DRAWING EXERCISES: General 3D models and drawing Exercises.


  • MECHANICAL WORKSHOP PRACTICE: Measuring and marking out , Basic Turning , Milling , Drilling , Fitting , Brazing , Quality Control.

  • ASSEMBLY DRAWINGS & PROTOTYPING: Projections & Projection Symbols, Mechanical Prototyping & Modelling with applications of dynamic similarity and dimensional analysis, Standard Assembly Drawings.
  • Mechatornics Design : Microcontroller Basics , Introduction to PLCs , Programming the Microcontroller, Interfacing mechanical control to Microcontrollers
  • Mechanical Design Software: Applications to finite element analysis , Dimensional Analysis.
  • Mechatronics Project: Design & Contruction of an Automatic Sliding Door Model.


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